In the beehive: How bees live with their queen

Ortel Mobile supports the bee project "" by caring for two beehives. A lot has happened since the project launched in April and the bee meadows are now in full bloom. Now, during the summer months, the bees are working at their full speed. Find out here what the everyday life of the bees and their queen looks like.

Ortel Mobile with "" for more bee protection

There are numerous bees in Germany. And the insect species going extinct. That's why Ortel Mobile is committed to more environment and species protection. By supporting the "" project, the company contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and the unique bio-cultural landscape. Since April Ortel Mobile has been supporting two beehives. But what exactly does the project look like and what are the busy bees doing right now?

It is so lovely green... The Ortel bee meadow 

Within the "” project not only Ortels own bee colony has been developed, but also - and it is as important - 100 sqm "bee meadow” have been created! The natural meadow  has been really green these days. It blooms, chirps, scurries and lives. A richly set table not only for the bees, but also the rare habitat for countless plants and animals.


After the weather low again really beeesy

And how are the bees doing? The icy May kept the bees in suspense for a long time. But now there is a lot of hustle and bustle and busy food procurement in the Ortel beehive again! After a very promising April, everyone was surprised by a cold, rainy May, which really didn't live up to its reputation as the "delightful month"! The bees had to struggle with constant rains, storms, and even snow! Hard weather conditions in the middle of the decisive apple blossom... But now, with the summer really coming, the hard-working Ortel workers and their queen are busy and doing well.


Curious? Here you can experience the life of the bees very closely and even get to see the queen. Watch the video now! You need more data volume? Take a look at the cheap internat flats by Ortel Mobile. You can watch the bees videos, find the nearby beekeeper and much more.