Cultural “bridge builder”: An interview with Firas Alshater

Firas Alshater is a successful film-maker, author and YouTuber. The Syrian, originally from Damascus, arrived in Berlin for a film project in 2013 and fell in love with the city. In his videos, he promotes bringing the German and Arabic cultures closer together. In an interview with us, he talks about his life in Germany, his dog, as well as what he likes best here and what he misses. Watch the video now.

Who are these Germans? That was the question posed by 28-year old Firas Alshater. His YouTube channel “Zukar” has over 23,000 subscribers. In his videos, he tackles questions on the topic of life in Germany. Humour is and remains his primary tool here. In 2016, he published his first book in German: “Ich komm auf Deutschland zu: Ein Syrer über seine neue Heimat”; this was followed in 2018 by his book entitled “Versteh einer die Deutschen! Firas erkundet ein merkwürdiges Land”. Ortel Mobile met for an exclusive with the Syrian living in Berlin: In the interview the YouTuber and author discusses his experiences in Germany.

Firas Alshater has lived in Germany for six years. During this time, he has naturally been keen to stay in touch with his friends and family living in Syria. Communication often takes place via the internet, although that’s not always possible - for example when there’s no stable internet connection. How does he keep in contact with his homeland regardless? The YouTuber likes it “old school” as he puts it: simply get on the phone and have a good long chat.

Laughing, he refers to himself as a “bridge builder” who has made it his goal to build bridges between the cultures and promote mutual understanding.

When it comes to Germany, he values the freedom and individuality that he has experienced here. Firas Alshater explains that he can be who and what he wishes here, without worrying that he’ll experience difficulties just because he’s different. Allow yourself to be inspired by Firas Alshater’s story too, and check out the video now!

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