Videochat per Ortel Mobile: RebellComedy zeigt, was geht

RebellComedy shows: Ortel Mobile connects you more than ever

Ban on contact, lockdown? Never before have we had to rely so much on modern communication channels as in the Coronavirus crisis. New to many and all of a sudden very important: Video conferences. You can’t do anything without them any more, whether it’s for work or private life. With his band rehearsal, Ususmango of RebellComedy shows how important a mobile phone contract with sufficient capacity can be.

Staying in touch in the crisis. During the lockdown, in many places that was only possible via telephone and the internet. Apps for video conferences were suddenly in greater demand than ever before. But what was born of necessity has for many now become a fixed part of their lives. And how fantastic that is since however important face-to-face contact might be, sometimes it’s easier to get together online. With the family at a distance, with friends who live scattered around everywhere or just like Ususmango of RebellComedy with his band. With Ortel Mobile it’s no problem! 

Ususmango from RebellComedy uses Ortel Mobile for his band rehearsal online. Just have a look!

Because with Ortel Mobile, you too can stay in touch with your loved ones in Germany and abroad inexpensively. You can for instance use the “Small World L” tariff and get 250 minutes to 50 countries and 8GB of internet flat-rate.

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