First steps

Where can I buy an Ortel Mobile SIM card?

Can I also buy an Ortel Mobile SIM card online?

Activation and identification

How can I activate my Ortel Mobile prepaid SIM card?

Why do I need to provide an identity document when activating my SIM card?

Why do I need to provide my e-mail address?

Which ID documents are recognised as proof of identity when activating the SIM card?

Is it enough to enter the details of my ID, proof of identity or certificates?

What options do I have to activate my prepaid SIM card with an identity check?

I would like to activate my prepaid SIM card using video chat. What do I need for this?

Activation with video chat is not working. What do I do now?

I accidentally cut short the video chat. Can I start again?

How do I activate my prepaid SIM card using the POSTIDENT process?

I no longer have the POSTIDENT coupon. What can I do?

How do I activate my prepaid SIM card with an Ortel Mobile retailer?

I have registered my prepaid SIM card. What happens next?

Activation of my prepaid SIM card was unsuccessful. What happens now?

Who should I contact if I have any other problems with activating the Ortel Mobile SIM card?



Lost PUK-Code

Ortel Mobile personal customer area

How can I register for the personal "MeinOrtel" online customer area?

How do I use the Ortel Mobile app?

I have forgotten my "MeinOrtel" password – how can I reset the password?

How can I change my customer details?

Topping up and credit

Where can I buy a top-up card for my Ortel Mobile SIM card?

How can I redeem my top-up card?

Where can I view my current credit balance?

Wie lange ist die SIM-Karte nach einer Aufladung aktiv?

I would like to have the remaining credit/balance back. What do I have to do?

Ich habe Fragen zur Aufladung über Alphacomm.

Registering for & managing options

How can I register for an option?

What is new high-speed volume?

Mobile network

Which network does Ortel Mobile use and what is the network coverage like?

Which countries can I make calls to with Ortel Mobile?

My mobile phone is not displaying a network. What can I do?

I am in an area close to a border. What can I do to stop my mobile phone from logging onto a foreign network?

How accurate are online broadband measurement tests in general?

What factors can influence the result in app measurements?

What factors can influence the result in web browser measurements?

Do I need to bear anything in mind during the measurement? How can I create an optimal test environment?

Why was my measurement not taken into account in the evaluation?

Mobile Internet

What do I need to do to use mobile Internet?

What should I do if mobile Internet does not work on my mobile phone?

How much does mobile data usage cost?


Can I also use my Ortel Mobile SIM card abroad?

How much does it cost to use my Ortel Mobile SIM card abroad?

What does the EU roaming regulation say?

To which countries does the EU roaming regulation apply?

Does the regulated EU roaming tariff also apply in Switzerland?

What are alternative roaming providers?

Phone number transfer

How can I transfer my existing number to Ortel Mobile?

How long will it be until I can use my Ortel Mobile SIM card with my previous phone number?

Wie kann ich meine Ortel Mobile Rufnummer zu einem neuen Anbieter mitnehmen?

Swap SIM / New SIM Card

How can I order a new Ortel Mobile SIM card?

What happens to my phone number and credit when I swap SIM cards?

I have received an SMS from Ortel Mobile about the changeover from 3G. What do I need to do?

Still don’t have an account?

Already have an account?


What is voicemail?

How can I set up my voicemail?

How can I listen to my voicemail?

How much does it cost to listen to my voicemail?

How can I activate or deactivate my voicemail?

Questions and answers regarding product information sheets

Why are the prices on these product information sheets different to the prices that were communicated to me?

Where can I find product information sheets to download?

Carrier Billing information

Payment via mobile phone bill

Block on third-party providers

Cell Broadcast The nationwide warning channel

How do I receive a warning message via Cell Broadcast and what does it look like?

Is it possible to send and receive test and practice warnings?

Which devices can receive Cell Broadcast warnings?

Do all mobile phones or smartphones in Germany always receive all warning messages?

Do I have to alter particular settings on my mobile phone or smartphone in order to receive warning messages via Cell Broadcast?

Can I also turn off Cell Broadcast warning messages?

Are my data secure? Will the authorities record my data in the case of Cell Broadcast warnings?

I have a complaint

All the contacts to deal with your concerns

You don’t have an Ortel SIM card yet?

Then order it quickly, put credit on it, and book the right option for you!

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  • Full cost control

Ortel Mobile is a company of the E-Plus Group.

Your advantages at Ortel Mobile

SIM card without contract

With a prepaid SIM card from Ortel you can use your mobile phone to make and receive calls and surf abroad flexibly and cheaply - and with no long-term contractual obligation. In addition, you benefit from various advantages of cheaper prepaid rates and a variety of different options. We have the right rate for everyone.

Pay in advance

Prepaid means paying in advance. You purchase a SIM card, which you top up with credit. Then you can book a suitable option from our large selection on your card. Calls and SMS will only be blocked once you have depleted your credit. However, you will still be reachable.

No long-term contract

You do not have to sign a long-term contract. To phone with Ortel, all you need is a mobile phone without a SIM lock. You can order your SIM card online for free or with your starting credit.

Change options flexibly

You can change your Ortel tariff flexibly every month. With Ortel you always are in full control over your mobile phone and telephone expenses.

No additional fees

Since there is no basic tariff yet, there are no additional costs with an Ortel prepaid card. There is no unpleasant surprise when checking the telephone bill.

Flat rate tariffs for smartphone users

Ortel also offers flexible tariffs for smartphone users. Internet flat rates for mobile surfing can be booked as an option - monthly and hassle-free. The good thing is that you can cancel these rates on a monthly basis. If you expect high Internet consumption in the next month or know that you will be travelling a lot, we offer you a one-off booking option.

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