Affordable calls to Poland

Would you like to stay in touch with your friends and family in Poland? Then we are the perfect choice for you. With a prepaid SIM card from Ortel Mobile and the right tariff, you can make affordable calls from Germany to Poland. But that’s not all: You also want to use mobile Internet on your smartphone? In our Smart World tariffs, Internet flat and up to 25 GB high-speed data volume are already included.

So convenient: Prepaid SIM card 

Your Ortel Mobile SIM card is a prepaid card. This means: you can pay conveniently in advance. This way, you can always keep track of your costs and surf, text and call to Poland as much as you want - without a contract. It's so easy:

  1. Buy an Ortel Mobile SIM card
  2. Top up your card with credit
  3. Book the tariff of your choice

Enjoy full flexibility

You do not enter into long-term commitments. Instead, you remain completely flexible at all times. Because you can change your Ortel Mobile tariff each month or cancel it altogether. For example, you are spending your holiday in Poland and do not need a tariff for calls from Germany to Poland during this time? Simply stop paying and put your tariff on hold. After your holiday, you can just recharge your SIM card with new credit.

Affordable calls to Poland: Your options

Do you want to call your uncle in Krakow on the Polish fixed network and wish him a happy birthday? Or would you like to make a call to a Polish mobile network and catch up on the latest news with your friends? No matter what you want to use your smartphone for - we offer you affordable prepaid options for every need.

Smart World

Our Smart World tariffs keep what the name promises. With Smart World L and Smart World XL for example, you can not only make affordable calls to Poland, but also to many other countries around the world. A flat rate for Germany is also included in these options.

Your advantages at a glance

Simply choose the Smart World tariff that best suits your needs. These are the advantages of Ortel Mobile’s Smart World tariffs:

  • Tailored minute packages
  • for calls to Poland and many other EU countries
  • Internet flat rate with high-speed data volume

Affordable calls to the Polish mobile network

Do you want to make calls from Germany to Poland and keep your mobile costs low, even if you phone the Polish mobile network frequently? Add our Best Europe tariff to your SIM card free of charge. This way, you can make calls to the Polish mobile network for as little as 7 cents per minute. You can even connect to a Polish landline for as little as 1 cent per minute.

Phone, text, surf: everything at a low price

With a prepaid SIM card from Ortel Mobile and the right tariff, you can not only make affordable calls to Poland, but also use your smartphone and mobile Internet. For example, for

  • mobile surfing and shopping on your favourite websites
  • using social media, to keep in touch with your friends
  • making video calls, to stay connected to your loved ones in Poland

Want grandma and grandpa in Katowice to see with their own eyes how big their grandchildren have grown? Tip: Our Smart World XL tariff offers you a phenomenal 15 GB high-speed data volume - enough for long video calls without having to keep an eye on the clock. By the way: When using your Ortel Mobile prepaid SIM card, you connect to the superb Telefónica network and can enjoy excellent transmission quality and stable, reliable connections.

Always simple. And simply always affordable

No matter which of our tariffs you choose to make affordable calls to Poland - with Ortel Mobile prepaid, everything is both: convenient and affordable. Not only do you stay in touch with friends and family in Poland at all times. You also have a clear overview of your costs and more money in your wallet.

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How do I call Poland from Germany?

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