Better tariff options
  • Up to 30 GB Internet
  • EU flat rate or more EU minutes
  • all for the same price
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You can now top up easily online
  • No additional charges
  • Via PayPal, credit card or instant bank transfer
  • Anytime and anywhere
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  • quickly and easily
  • Top-up cards: €15, €20 & €30
  • PayPal digital gift cards
  • New: prelado
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Internet for the home 90 GB
  • 90 GB – and at LTE speed
  • Relax and surf the web at home without being tied to a contract
  • Add more data as often as you like
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Our top sellers

Secure our best-selling tariffs at a budget price.

20 countries

250 minutes

  • 250 minutes from Germany to 20 countries.
  • 250 minutes from Germany to EU
  • Internet Flat Highspeed up to 8 GB
  • Surf and make calls within the EU
  • National Flat call rate
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Germany Flat

15 GB Internet

  • National Flat call rate
  • 500 minutes from Germany to EU
  • Internet Flat 15 GB Highspeed
  • Surf and make calls within the EU
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11 GB

Internet Flat

  • Highspeed up to 11 GB
  • Internet telephony available
  • Surfing the Internet within the EU
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Make cheap phone calls all over the world

With Ortel Mobile you can afford international calls. Select a country you would like to call.

Make cheap calls from Germany to


Mobile network

Best Europe


Mobile network

You don’t have an Ortel SIM card yet?

Then order it quickly, put credit on it, and book the right option for you!

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  • SSL encryption
  • Full cost control

Ortel Mobile is a company of the E-Plus Group.

Your advantages at Ortel Mobile

SIM card without contract

With a prepaid SIM card from Ortel you can use your mobile phone to make and receive calls and surf abroad flexibly and cheaply. In addition, you benefit from various advantages of cheaper prepaid rates and a variety of different options. We have the right rate for everyone.

Pay in advance

Prepaid means paying in advance. You purchase a SIM card, which you top up with credit. Then you can book a suitable option from our large selection on your card. Calls and SMS will only be blocked once you have depleted your credit. However, you will still be reachable.

No long-term contract

You do not have to sign a long-term contract. To phone with Ortel, all you need is a mobile phone without a SIM lock. You can order your SIM card online for free or with your starting credit.

Change options flexibly

You can change your Ortel tariff flexibly every month. With Ortel you always are in full control over your mobile phone and telephone expenses.

No additional fees

Since there is neither a basic rate nor a minimum purchase, there are no additional costs with an Ortel prepaid card. There is no unpleasant surprise when checking the telephone bill.

Flat rate tariffs for smartphone users

Ortel also offers flexible tariffs for smartphone users. Internet flat rates for mobile surfing can be booked as an option - monthly and hassle-free. The good thing is that you can cancel these rates on a monthly basis. If you expect high Internet consumption in the next month or know that you will be travelling a lot, we offer you a one-off booking option.