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Ani Lorak in the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg
The famous Ukrainian artist Ani Lorak will sing her best hits in Hamburg in the middle of November. The singer will treat her fans to an unforgettable evening of exciting musical entertainment
Sustainability in the company: A major concern for Ortel Mobile
The prepaid phone credit supplier Ortel Mobile supports the principle of sustainability in the production of its SIM packaging and advertising materials. For this reason, the company has scrutinised its own products and implemented several measures that will help protect the environment and the climate.
Important information about the coronavirus in your language
The coronavirus is something that affects us all the world over. Governments are introducing measures daily to curb the spread of the virus and to reduce the seriousness of the economic consequences. To keep you up to date, many websites offer a good overview of the situation as well as current information in your own language.