Ortel Connect


Tailored telephony with Ortel Mobile - which rate option will suit me?
Staying connected with family and friends around the world without facing financial ruin? You can - with prepaid rates from Ortel Mobile! Prepaid is perfect if you don’t want to be tied to a long-term contract. Who can say for certain today what things will be like tomorrow or the day after. Ortel Mobile’s rates can be put together precisely and flexibly readjusted again at any time.
KIT studio session with Katya Tasheva and Vladimir Karparov exclusively for Ortel Connect
The Berlin production team KIT performed the song "Mari Mariiko" exclusively for the "Connect-Sessions", together with jazz singer Katya Tasheva and saxophonist Vladimir Karparov.
RebellComedy shows: Ortel Mobile connects you more than ever
Ban on contact, lockdown? Never before have we had to rely so much on modern communication channels as in the Coronavirus crisis. New to many and all of a sudden very important: Video conferences. You can’t do anything without them any more, whether it’s for work or private life. With his band rehearsal, Ususmango of RebellComedy shows how important a mobile phone contract with sufficient capacity can be.
Rebellcomedy: Stay in touch with friends via video chat thanks to Ortel Mobile
When hanging out with your mate is just not possible, video chat is the second best alternative for staying in contact. Salim Samatou and Ususmango of RebellComedy make real fun of each other via chat in their new sketch for Ortel Mobile.