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Make even cheaper international calls with the new Best Europe option
Ortel Mobile always stays affordable and offers the best rates for surfing and phone calls. The new free Best Europe option is now available. It allows you to make even cheaper calls to other EU countries. This way you can make calls to mobile phones in your home country, for example Romania, Bulgaria or Poland, for only 7 cents per minute - plus a one-time connection fee of 15 cents per call. Calls to landlines are usually even cheaper by a considerable amount.
Inter:Komm! OpenAir in Reutlingen
For the fifth time the Inter:Komm! OpenAir in Reutlingen will present musicians and bands who play world music at its best. Here you can mingle and come into contact with others, regardless of your origin or age. This year's highlight is 47Soul's performance on July 27.
World Youth Arts Festival comes to Stuttgart for the third time
Under the motto “art changes the world”, the third World Youth Arts Festival in Stuttgart invites young art and music lovers. Be sure to make a note of this!
Flamenco school Suzann Bustani: Spanish culture in Germany
Suzann Bustani opens up a piece of Spanish culture for her students. Flamenco has been classified as an intangible World Heritage since 2010. The Heilbronn-based Flamenco dancer from German-Jordanian parents has fulfilled her dream of her own flamenco school here 22 years ago. Ortel Connect interviewed her and her dance students. You can find the video also on Ortel Mobile’s YouTube Channel.
Exclusive for Ortel Connect: A new sketch by RebellComedy
You know the situation when your buddy just doesn't stop talking about that one subject? That's exactly how Ususmango is with Khalid Bounouar. How he solves the problem, or how he doesn’t, you can see in the new sketch. Take a look!
New in Germany? Get your Ortel welcome pack
Welcome to Germany! To make your start easier for you and to bring you joy, you get the Ortel Mobile welcome pack. It contains a rain jacket, a dictionary and a SIM card. Once you have activated your free SIM card and topped up your credit, you can keep in touch with your friends and family in your home country.
Headline: Ortel Mobile supports the Croatian Cultural Year in Darmstadt
50 years of Croatian Catholic parish in Darmstadt - this will be celebrated all year round. Croats in Germany may look forward to a colourful cultural programme. It starts on the weekend of 8 to 10 February 2019 already with a concert by the popular Croatian worship band “Emanuel” and the opening of the exhibition “Die Suche nach dem Gesicht (“The search for the face”) by Father Nediljko Brečić and “Der Mensch” (“The Man”) by Dujo Jurković
Speaking German in Morocco: Insights from call centre agent Abdellatif
The Moroccan Abdellatif Beryane works as a consultant and in quality assurance for the German-speaking customer service of Ortel Mobile in Casablanca. He is in contact with people daily over the phone or over e-mail - and in German. You can find out why he can speak German fluently and what he appreciates about Germany in the Video.
Speaking German in Morocco: Insights from call centre agent Achraf
Three years ago, the Moroccan Achraf El Hachoumi started working as a consultant in the German-speaking Ortel Mobile customer support in Casablanca. He is in daily contact with people over the phone or over e-mail - and in German. You can find out in the Video, why he speaks German fluently.
Speaking German in Morocco: Insights from call centre agent Ahmed
The Moroccan Ahmed El Khaledi has been working for the Ortel Mobile customer support in Casablanca since 2011. He is in daily contact with people over the phone or over e-mail - and in German. Find out why he speaks German fluently and what tips he has for other in the video.