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Russian comedy concert from Semjon Slepakov in Berlin
The solo concert from the Russian comedy legend Semjon Slepakov is a sensational experience! The comedian is on tour in Germany during September and October, and he will also be delivering a concert performance in Russian, in Berlin. His sketches, complete with singing and guitar, have already produced fits of laughter from comedy club audiences. Find out for yourself!
Arabic film matinee: “Looking for Oum Kulthum”
In the framework of the “Here We Are Today. Das Bild der Welt in Foto- & Videokunst“ exhibition of Bucerius Kunst Forum, the film “Looking for Oum Kulthum” will be screened at ABATON Kino. While she may be barely known in the West, this musician is a legend in the Arab world.
Romanian theatre for children in Stuttgart
On 29/09/2019 the group Gaşca Zurli is coming to Kino Gloria in Stuttgart. At this Romanian theatre, children can look forward to Romanian stories, Romanian songs, and colourful costumes. What awaits you is an hour of child-appropriate entertainment in a happy fantasy-filled world!
Long & Junior concert at Polonia Party
Braunschweig’s Privileg Club presents to you a top-class party: At the Polonia Party, the successful Polish music duo Long & Junior will be performing. This is where they will perform their Polish mega hits “tancz tancz tancz”, “kolorowa sukienka” or “bądź moja krolowa” live. Why not join them?
First-semesters’ meeting for Bulgarian students in Cologne
You will start your studies at the University of Cologne in winter semester 2019/20? Then you should not miss this get-together of Bulgarian first-semester students! Meet your future fellow students, take a look at the campus and learn all about studying at the University of Cologne on this extensive tour.
World Flat allows for unlimited phone calls abroad
New offers for frequent callers who love to call abroad! Ortel Mobile, the leading German prepaid provider for people with a migrant background, is now offering “World Flat” as a new prepaid option that allows customers to make unlimited calls to 47 countries in the world. Moreover, you can now also book additional minutes packages for domestic and internation-al calls for all World and Smart World options by Ortel Mobile.
Cultural “bridge builder”: An interview with Firas Alshater
Firas Alshater is a successful film-maker, author and YouTuber. The Syrian, originally from Damascus, arrived in Berlin for a film project in 2013 and fell in love with the city. In his videos, he promotes bringing the German and Arabic cultures closer together. In an interview with us, he talks about his life in Germany, his dog, as well as what he likes best here and what he misses. Watch the video now.
In the beehive: How bees live with their queen
Ortel Mobile supports the bee project "beeswe.love" by caring for two beehives. A lot has happened since the project launched in April and the bee meadows are now in full bloom. Now, during the summer months, the bees are working at their full speed. Find out here what the everyday life of the bees and their queen looks like.
Stand up comedian by trial and error: Ususmango in interview
He has always been a humorous guy and a big fan of American stand-up comedy. One day he had asked himself, why not just do something yourself? Among others, with RebellComedy he has been celebrating great success in Germany. In an interview he talks to us about his work as a comedian, favourite school subjects and his favourite German and Arabic words. Watch the video now.
New in Germany? Get your Ortel welcome pack
Welcome to Germany! To make your start easier for you and to bring you joy, you get the Ortel Mobile welcome pack. It contains a rain jacket, a dictionary and a SIM card. Once you have activated your free SIM card and topped up your credit, you can keep in touch with your friends and family in your home country.