Ortel Connect


Clear the stage for the next exciting Ortel Connect Session
In times when clubs and bars must remain closed, Ortel Mobile brings another edition of its Ortel Connect Sessions. This time, with the Russian folk song “Korobeiniki”, in a completely revamped version.
Stars from Abroad in the German Football Bundesliga
It thrills us anew each weekend: the German Bundesliga. Stars from abroad are a fixed part of it. Players like Amine Harit, Edmond Tapsoba, Lucas Alario and of course, World Footballer Robert Lewandoswki.
The smartphone becomes a WLAN hotspot
You don't have an Internet connection at home? You're on the road and want to go online with your laptop, but there's no reliable WLAN network available? Your friend has used up his data volume again and you want to help him out? No problem. We'll show you how to set up your mobile phone as a WLAN hotspot in just a few minutes.
Cost trap: Service numbers
Be careful with numbers starting with 0137- or 0180-. Because calls to these numbers can be expensive. Check the fine print before you call such a number. Consumer centres frequently warn that these numbers are also used for rip-offs.
3G phase-out - more LTE for all
The 3G network will be phased out and switched to 4G by the end of 2021. This will significantly improve the mobile network, because 4G facilitates higher transmission speeds and greater network coverage. The voice quality when making phone calls is also far better with 4G. But not everyone has a 4G-compatible smartphone. For those who need to take action now, we have compiled the following information.
Caution - trap! How to protect yourself from online attacks
You think you know your way around the new media and are sure not to become a victim of cyber crime? Then you will be amazed at how cunningly online fraudsters operate. The following examples demonstrate where it is advisable to take a closer look and be suspicious of contact attempts.
What are the benefits of health insurance apps?
Whether step counter or calorie calculator, heart rate monitor or yoga programme: The offer of health apps is enormous. Also health insurance companies are lining up with their offers in the App Store and Play Store. Their services are primarily aimed at their own policy holders. But there are also offers that are accessible for everyone.
Who belongs to the VoIP target group?
Making phone calls over the Internet - what seemed quite exotic a few years ago is now quite commonplace. We all know services like Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, which can be used to make audio or video calls. The corona crisis has further increased the importance of these tools.