Sportler auf Laufbahn

Sport and leisure

All German cities offer a huge variety of sports and leisure facilities. For example, you can play in a football club and get to know new people.


If you find a club in your area, get in touch. All clubs are happy to meet new members. Send an e-mail, give them a call or simply drop by and ask how you can join. The youth welfare office will also be happy to provide information on leisure facilities in your town or city.

You could also join a gym, like Abdulfrom Syria. Like everywhere, there are expensive and low-cost gyms, some areeven just €15 a month.

I took care of my body again and met lots of new people
- says Abdul

Migrant clubs

For many years, there have been special migrant clubs in Germany where people from different countries get together. Here, you can quickly make contacts and get to know people from your home country.

In many German cities, refugees can join sports clubs free of charge and are given discounts for events.