Novelty: Home Internet - without any contractual obligation

You stay in Germany and want to keep in contact with your family, but don’t have Internet access from home? Then Ortel Mobile offers you the perfect solution: a WLAN router with prepaid SIM card without a contract.

A few months ago, a survey was launched on the Ortel Connect content platform to enquire about your requirements regarding home Internet. It turned out that you are neither interested in two-year contracts, nor do you consider combination contracts including telephone, television and Internet an optimal solution. Instead, more flexibility is important to you. Ortel Mobile has now developed and launched the custom-made product: an LTE router with pre-paid SIM card. This allows contract-free, flexible Internet surfing from your home at any time!

And here are the advantages:

The new LTE router with a pre-paid SIM is perfect for sharing Internet at home - if you have visitors or live with several fellow-occupants, each of you can use the WLAN router and dial in from various devices, such as mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

By using a pre-paid SIM card, annoying contractual obligations and credit checks are eliminated. Another bonus point is the LTE router’s flexibility: When relocating, you can simply take it along. Video tutorials assist you with router installation and explain how to top up your credit without hassle.

This unique product enables you to keep in touch with your family from home at any time via Internet. Here you can find out more about the product.

Our tip for you:

Our handy Ortel Mobile App, which you can download for free from the Google Play Store or Apple Store you can keep track of your balance and utilisation at any time and place, manage options or recharge instantly via a code.