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Ortel Mobile App

Handy companion: Ortel Mobile App

The Ortel Mobile App offers convenient service: for example, you can keep track of your credit consumption with it, while you are on the bus or train and use various features, such as instant prepaid card charging. The Ortel Mobile App will also be your handy companion in everyday life and when you are on the go. Furthermore, the Ortel Mobile App is available in ten languages.


Smart phone owners (usually) also use apps. They ease our everyday life. No matter if weather, train, messenger or shopping app - everybody uses them. The most widely used apps worldwide include WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. A survey (Forward AdGroup) showed that nearly 30 percent of Germans have installed between 11 and 20 apps on their mobile phones.

Ortel Mobile, also offers a useful service via an Apple and Android app. The advantages: You now have the option to check your credit balance and consumption at any place and time, manage options or instantly re-charge by means of a code. This way, using your mobile phone is even more convenient for you. The app is available in ten languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, German and English.


Step 1: Download the app free of charge at Google Play Store


Step 2:

The app automatically accepts the language, which was selected on your mobile.

Step 3:

You can now book the suitable Ortel Mobile options via the app and check your credit balance.

Enjoy it!