Brandneuer Sketch von RebellComedy für Ortel Mobile

Rebellcomedy: Stay in touch with friends via video chat thanks to Ortel Mobile

When hanging out with your mate is just not possible, video chat is the second best alternative for staying in contact. Salim Samatou and Ususmango of RebellComedy make real fun of each other via chat in their new sketch for Ortel Mobile.

There are times when you want someone to talk to. For instance, in the doctor's waiting room or when you’re travelling alone. It’s great that there’s video chat because chatting is almost every bit as good and you can do it from anywhere in the world. In their new sketch for Ortel Mobile, Salim Samatou and Ususmango of RebellComedy show that even when you’re a long way away from your friends you can still be as near as if you were right there with them. In their normal articulate way and without having to mince words, they have produced a funny clip that you just have to see. Enjoy! (Verlinkung)


With Ortel Mobile, you too can stay in touch with your loved ones in Germany and abroad inexpensively. You can for instance use the “Small World L” tariff and get 250 minutes to 50 countries and 8GB of internet flat-rate.

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