15 Years Ortel Mobile - Time to Celebrate

Ortel Mobile Germany is celebrating its birthday. 15 years ago, in September 2006, the leading German communications provider for people from migrant backgrounds was launched. Ortel customers also benefit from the anniversary.

What is taken for granted today was still a dream of the future around the year 2000: affordable mobile phone calls abroad. For many people from migrant backgrounds, this meant that they had less contact with their home countries or had to spend a lot of money to connect. Celal Oruç also faced this problem. The Turk had emigrated to the Netherlands, but wanted to use his mobile phone to call his friends and family in Turkey at an affordable rate. Lacking alternatives, there was one way out for him: he founded a company to take care of the matter. Ortel Mobile was born.

An ingenious idea conquers the market and connects people

First, Oruç introduced low-cost prepaid tariffs for international calls in the Netherlands and shortly afterwards in Belgium. 15 years ago, he ventured into Germany with his business idea. Since then, Ortel Mobile offered all customers in this country a low-priced alternative for international mobile phone calls. Thanks to the prepaid concept, customers can keep track of their costs and respond flexibly to new needs.  

Over the years, Ortel Mobile has steadily expanded its tariff options. These include packages for hours of international calls at a fixed price. For some time now, Ortel Mobile's tariff portfolio has also included internet flat rates with generous data volumes. These internet flat rates have realised mobile video calls with friends and relatives abroad at affordable prices for a broad target group. Since 2018, Ortel Mobile customers can also access the internet at home via a prepaid router. Ortel Mobile speaks the language of its customers and understands their needs - which is why people from 18 countries of origin work for the company today.

Huge data volumes for the anniversary

In the past 15 years, Ortel Mobile has become Germany's leading provider of communication services for people from migrant backgrounds. This is a reason to celebrate. On the occasion of its anniversary, Ortel Mobile now offers its customers loads of extra data volume in selected tariff options. For every booked or new tariff option, there is up to 15 GB of additional data volume via the Ortel Mobile app. Get your bonus now  This gives even more options for long streaming, surfing or for extensive video calls abroad. The offer is valid until 15.03.22.

A start-up package for the best business idea

Since Ortel Mobile was born from the business idea of an immigrant, it now reaches out to a founder with an immigrant background on its 15th birthday. This means: From 15 September, all people from a migrant background are invited to present their business idea on the Ortel Mobile homepage. Apply here  Whether it's a hair salon, a smartphone app or a small café, anyone can present their idea until 30 October 2021. Ortel Mobile will select the best idea from all participants. The winner will receive a start-up package worth 10,000 euros. In addition to start-up workshops by the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the package includes a voucher for new IT equipment and office software. A good kick-off to a great start.