Validity of foreign driver’s licences in Germany

For many, driving a car implies great freedom: You can go anywhere - any time. For many jobs, a driver's licence is also an important requirement. Not only taxi drivers, parcel and pizza delivery staff are travelling by car. Driver's licences are also necessary in the field service and even for some office jobs.


Driver's licence from abroad

Some driver's licences from abroad are valid in Germany, but not all! If you come from Europe, you are usually allowed to drive in Germany. This also applies to frequent countries of origin such as Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq.

Important note: If you have obtained your driver's licence outside the EU, you may drive in Germany for the first six months. After that you have to take the German driving test.

Driving test

If you want to take your driving test in Germany, you can go to a driving school in your area. The cost for a driving licence is at least 1,500 EUR, but often more. In individual cases, financial support is provided by the job centre. This only applies if you need a driving licence to reach your workplace. You must already have the job before applying for the driving test. The best is to consult your attendant at the job centre. 

Further useful information is available here:

You are not sure what is applicable for you? Then the best thing to do is to contact your local driving licence office.

Legal provisions for foreign driving licences are available here

If your home country is included in the following list, no or only a partial driving test is required. For all other countries, a test is required.

Information is also available on the ADAC [General German Automobile Club] website.