Hilfe für Migranten

Information centres for migrants

Who can help you in your new life? You can access support from a number of different sources in Germany. The migrant information service, immigration office and youth migration service are important contacts. Non-profit organisations also offer legal advice.

Migrant information service

In your first few weeks and months in Germany, you are bound to have a lot of questions; such as how can I find a place to live? Where can I learn German? How do I find a job? Which school should I send my children to? The migration adviser will help you with all these questions and more. You don’t need to be able to speak German to use this service. The advisers are usually able to speak your language.

I sought help when I came to Germany. That’s how I found an apartment
- says Ivan (34) from Russia


The migrant information service is always free!

You can find an information centre in your area using this search portal. Simply enter your address here:

Immigration offices

The immigration office is the official centre where you can get information. Find the one nearest to you with this search function or on Ortel Connect under “Important addresses”.


The immigration office is the service authority for immigrants from all countries.

Youth migration service

This information centre supports young migrants aged between 12 and 27 with school, vocational training and careers.

The information service helped me find accommodation. The people were very forthcoming. They explained how I could get vocational training in Germany
- says Abdul (18) from Syria


Are you looking for a school, a place on an academic course or a vocational training position? With this search, you can find a youth migration service in your area.
Non-profit organisations

You can also ask for advice on many important questions here. Do you have specific questions about your asylum application or problems? Pro Asyl offers advice in individual cases in German and English.