Ausbildungssuche in Deutschland: Wir geben Tipps.

Tips for your training search in Germany

During training in Germany you will learn a profession. Would you like to pursue training, but don't yet know which field? Would you like to gain in-depth knowledge on training in Germany? You can find help here.

Can I train for a profession?

In addition to German language skills, a school-leaving qualification is almost always a requirement for starting professional training. If you were awarded your school-leaving qualification abroad, you can have that recognised in Germany. The so-called "recognition and information centres" are responsible for the recognition. Here you can find your nearest information centre in a few clicks. If you do not yet have a school-leaving qualification, you can gain your qualification in Germany and take part in German language courses. There are special programmes for refugees and asylum seekers. Educational training can be started even if you do not have permission for employment. For vocational training a permit from the immigration authority is required. You will receive support from the job centre in your community or at the Agentur für Arbeit/[Employment Agency].


Which profession is right for me?

In Germany anyone can decide for themselves which profession they wish to train in. You can make enquiries via the Internet or at job training fairs. In some professions, a short job placement is also possible. You will get to know the company by doing so. If you are unsure of which profession is right for you, ask yourself a few questions: Which activities do you like to do? What are you good at? Do you like to work in an office? Do you like technical professions? It is also worth speaking with family and friends to assess your own strengths properly.

Here You can find a wide range of professions and advice on applying:

Tip: Career choice is not easy. If you are unsure which job fits you, find some advice! In the Vocational Information Centre at the Employment Agency (BiZ) you can find out more about professions that interest you.

How much will I earn?


On the web page you get an overview of how much you can earn during a training. Normal earnings are approx. 600 to 800 Euro gross in the first year of training and up to 1400 Euro gross in the third year of training. On the web page, approximate salary figures are provided for a later career entry after training. When you have completed your training, you not only have very good chances on the German and European job markets, but also have a right to a salary at the standard scale.

In the Vocational Information Centre of the Employment Agency, you can learn about professions and find more information about training opportunities. You can find the vocational information centre nearest to where you live here and in this address list.