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Ortel Mobile unterstützt für aktiven Umweltschutz

We love bees! Ortel Mobile continues to support

While Corona brought public life to a standstill in spring, elsewhere the bees were busier than ever. This year, Ortel Mobile is also supporting the project and is looking forward to a bountiful honey harvest.

While spring had its fair share of scares due to the Corona Crisis, the natural world was thriving. Bees busily took full advantage of the glorious April weather visiting early bloomers like rapeseed, fruit trees, not to mention other flowering plants. Ortel Mobile's beekeeper team is now expecting a record honey harvest.


Since 2019, Ortel Mobile has supported the "" project  and is doing its part to protect the natural world. Bees are endangered despite having one of nature's most important jobs: In their search for food, bees inadvertently pollinate every flower they visit ensuring the continued existence of plants. After all, unlike other insects, bees don't just wander from one plant species to another, they stick to one. That's what makes them so unique and worth protecting.


Still, beekeepers have a lot of work at the moment as bee hives need care. Regularly checking in on bees' offspring and honey combs is the order of the day as is taking steps to prevent swarming. Swarming occurs when there are rival queens in the hive and can result in losing half the bee population. That's why beekeepers regularly check the bee hives – the so-called apiary.


The reward for all their work is when the honey is ready for harvest and spinning. Despite being very sweet, honey is healthy. It is packed with vitamins and also boasts anti-inflammatory effects. So there's no reason to forego this sweet delicacy. In good years, honey can be spun twice and in excellent years, even three times. Depending on the where the bees have their hives, this can range from early bloomers to summer flowering up to and including heather and forest honey. So we hope that this year will be an excellent one.


Interested in doing your part to protect species? Bees, butterflies, bumblebees, and others will thank you. Join us now! Share this article with your friends and find out more. With affordable Internet flats from Ortel Mobile  you can watch bee videos, find an organic gardener in your area, regional beekeepers, and much more.