Sie sind aus der Fußball-Bundesliga nicht wegzudenken, die ausländischen Spieler. Zu ihnen zählt mit Robert Lewandowski aus Polen der aktuelle Weltfußballer.

Stars from Abroad in the German Football Bundesliga

It thrills us anew each weekend: the German Bundesliga. Stars from abroad are a fixed part of it. Players like Amine Harit, Edmond Tapsoba, Lucas Alario and of course, World Footballer Robert Lewandoswki.

The players from abroad spice up the football Bundesliga. About 56 percent of all Bundesliga professionals come from other countries. In January 2021, football players from neighbouring Austria contributed the largest group among the legionnaires (31), followed by professionals from France (29) and the Netherlands (21). Players from South America, Africa and Eastern Europe also frequently contribute a significant part to the 18 Bundesliga clubs.

75 pros come from Africa, South America and Eastern Europe
28 professional players come from Africa, mainly from French-speaking countries, such as the Algerian Ramy Bensebaini from Mönchengladbach, Amine Harit from Marocco, who earns his money at Schalke 04, or Edmond Tapsoba from Bayer Leverkusen, who originally comes from Burkhina Faso. One of the long-time Bundesliga professionals, David Abraham, left Germany in January. The Argentinian returned to his home country for family reasons. With his departure, there are currently 23 footballers from South America playing for German first-league teams. Traditionally, players from Eastern European countries are also strongly represented. Even though their numbers have declined slightly in recent years, they are still represented by 24 professionals. Here, the largest group is contributed by the Czechs (8), ahead of the Poland (7).


World footballers on record-breaking path
Among them is also the most famous foreign Bundesliga professional: Robert Lewandowski. The Pole has been playing in Germany for eleven years, first with Borussia Dortmund, and for some time now, with Bayern München. In December 2020, the 32-year-old was voted World Football Player of the Year for the first time. A great honour for the captain of the Polish national team. He has now scored more than 250 goals in the Bundesliga and is on the verge of becoming the second-best Bundesliga goal-scorer of all time. Currently, he is again scoring non-stop and has already broken the goal-scoring record halfway through the season. By the end of the season, he might surpass the previous top-score of 40 goals. This is held by striker legend Gerd Müller. A record that was destined for eternity is now within Lewandowski's reach.


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