Katya Tasheva und KIT mit dem Song „Mari Mariiko“ für die Ortel Sessions

KIT studio session with Katya Tasheva and Vladimir Karparov exclusively for Ortel Connect

The Berlin production team KIT performed the song "Mari Mariiko" exclusively for the "Connect-Sessions", together with jazz singer Katya Tasheva and saxophonist Vladimir Karparov.

The Berlin band KIT invited the Bulgarian vocalist Katya Tasheva and saxophonist Vladimir Karparov to produce music as part of the "Connect-Sessions" series. Together, they played the Bulgarian folk dance "Mari Mariiko".


Mari Mariiko is a declaration of love to the beautiful Maria by a poetic admirer.

He raves about her, and compares her to everything he loves about summer. Her face is as pale as milk, her dark eyes shine like sour cherries, she is slim and graceful like a sleek vessel brimming with oranges and lemons.


The Bulgarian singer Katya Tasheva has been a permanent fixture on Berlin’s music scene for over ten years now. Her versatile voice is well known as the vocalist in bands like Rotfront, Mr. Zarko and the Balkan Spirit Ensemble. She has been on the road with her new

project "The In-Betweens", since 2019. During lockdown, Wladimir Kaminer also got her involved in the band "Kaminer & Die Antikörper" and they released a new quarantine song every week. Katya's style is heavily influenced by Bulgarian folklore, which she herself first discovered in Germany and has referred to as a bridge to her homeland ever since. However, her music also includes unmistakable influences from jazz, blues and classical music. 


Vladimir Karparov has been playing the saxophone since he was twelve years old. He was born and raised in Bulgaria, and discovered his love for jazz at an early age. He embarked on his musical education in Sofia and continued it in Hamburg and Berlin. Since then, he has provided musical support to many well-known jazz musicians from America and Europe. He regularly plays alongside Katya Tasheva in the Balkan Spirit Ensemble and also performs as a soloist. He has received various awards, most recently in 2020 from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture as an ambassador for Bulgarian music.


KIT is the production team from Berlin, which has once again organised a Connect Session for Ortel Connect. The session with Katya Tasheva and Vladimir Karparov performing Mari Mariiko was recorded at the Riverside Studio in Berlin.


You can catch a glimpse of the musical collaboration here:


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