Beste Partystimmung auf dem Polonia Music Festival in Oberhausen.

Unforgettable: the #poloniamusicfestival

A sold-out Turbinenhalle event hall in Oberhausen, a fantastic audience and an amazing atmosphere: the Polonia Music Festival sold-out completely within two days. Festival goers were able to enjoy a number of stars live on stage and simply celebrate across the 22 and 23 November 2019. This unique festival was supported by Ortel Mobile.

Polish stars were hosted live in the Turbinenhalle event hall in Oberhausen across two whole days. A number of diverse Polish music acts performed on stage across two evenings. Ich Troje, Weekend and Mily pan performed in Oberhausen on Friday evening. On Saturday, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Stachursky, Łzy, Czadoman, After Party, Long & Junior, Camasutra and Nowator laid on top-quality entertainment! A predominantly Polish speaking audience was delighted with the show. Many people attended the live concert with friends in order to have fun in a truly Polish atmosphere. The festival is recommended for every fan of Polish music.


Don’t forget! In addition to Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Oberhausen, Ortel Mobile will also be holding the Polonia Music Festival in Berlin this year for the first time ever. Pre-order tickets now for the exclusive Polish show in Germany.


By the way, many festival goers recorded their impressions of the event using their smartphones and sent them to family and friends in Poland. Would you like to visit, stream and share the Polonia Music Festival live with friends and family abroad this year? Would you also like to keep in touch with relatives in Poland and make cheap telephone calls abroad? No problem, since Ortel Mobile has the right flat-rate Internet package for you. Simply choose the tariff that suits you best!

Polonia Music Festival - Oberhausen Aftermovie 2018