In der neuen Ortel Connect Session überrascht das russische Volkslied Korobeiniki als tanzbarer Clubhit.

Clear the stage for the next exciting Ortel Connect Session

In times when clubs and bars must remain closed, Ortel Mobile brings another edition of its Ortel Connect Sessions. This time, with the Russian folk song “Korobeiniki”, in a completely revamped version.

“Korobeiniki” in a sound like never before. The catchy basic melody reinterpreted with rhythmic beats and an almost adventurous pitched voice. The creative team behind the new version of the classic consists of DJ collective Vitali Klatschkow and German-Russian singer and producer Diana May. They performed the song at the current edition of the "Ortel Connection Session". You can now watch their video clip and get carried away.


For the vibrant recording, the musicians came together at Kvartira 62. The gastro-bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg is furnished in the Russian style of the 1920s and impresses by its rustic and authentic décor. Dancers Darya Samoylenko and Elena Pulinets round off the performance perfectly with their energetic choreography.


Korobeiniki dates back to 1861 and is based on the poem of the same name by Nikolai Alexeyevich Nekrasov. It tells the story of a young pedlar (Korobeiniki) meeting a beautiful girl in a rye field at night. With its striking melody, the song quickly found its way into Russian folk culture. Internationally, it gained popularity as the background melody for the Game Boy game Tetris.


In a way, Vitali Klatschkow and Diana May, who moved from Russia to Germany with her family as a young child, follow the tradition of this electronic version in their debut recording. Witness the powerful beats, the booming bass and the prominent voice. Send the video to your friends, family and loved ones back home to share your thoughts. With Ortel's affordable tariffs (e.g., the "Small World L" tariff with 250 minutes in 50 countries and an 8 GB Internet flat rate), it's so easy and hassle-free. Whether to Moscow, Omsk, Orenburg, Novosibirsk or Karaganda.

Video Vitali Klatschkow & Diana May

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Vitali Klatschkow

Diana May

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