Mit Freunden und Verwandten in Verbindung bleiben ist per Internet-Telefonie besonders günstig

Who belongs to the VoIP target group?

Making phone calls over the Internet - what seemed quite exotic a few years ago is now quite commonplace. We all know services like Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, which can be used to make audio or video calls. The corona crisis has further increased the importance of these tools.

For many, perhaps even the majority of people, the smartphone has become a constant companion. We use it to access social networks as well as countless apps for a variety of purposes. This includes mail and telephone. For many, however, the phone plays only a minor role.

If you use your smartphone to access the Internet frequently but only make a few phone calls, a pure Internet flat rate option is sufficient. Many phone calls can be made via apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Signal or others. This is also possible with the Ortel Mobile's Internet flat rates. Since the only requirements for this kind of telephone communication are an Internet-compatible smartphone, the downloaded corresponding apps and a stable Internet connection. However, in order to connect to the call partners, it is necessary that they also meet the same prerequisites. And: You will not reach anyone via these apps who has not also installed them. But this small disadvantage may be disregarded with Ortel Mobile thanks to the low minute prices.

Users with telephony tariffs can also benefit from VoIP. For example, if they have booked a minutes package from Ortel Mobile, the additional use of the corresponding apps can significantly reduce the consumption of minutes. So those who prefer to call their friends and family via an app can save their minute package for their grandparents, who may be less familiar with the Internet, or for calls to the authorities.

And another group can take advantage of VoIP services. Because you can also benefit from WLAN telephony when travelling abroad: For connections you set up abroad, Ortel Mobile charges the same fees as for calls from Germany to the respective destination country according to the currently valid price list. If you have flat rates for Internet and telephony, VoIP is also perfect for you when abroad in the EU. However, the favourable roaming conditions only apply for short-term trips and not for longer stays abroad. Therefore, please get detailed information before you go abroad for a longer period of time.

Image Internet-Telefonie ist perfekt für alle, die eine Internetflat haben © shutterstock