Exclusive for Ortel Connect: A new sketch by RebellComedy

You know the situation when your buddy just doesn't stop talking about that one subject? That's exactly how Ususmango is with Khalid Bounouar. How he solves the problem, or how he doesn’t, you can see in the new sketch. Take a look!

Khalid Bounouar raves about his new Ortel Connect rate. Finally always connected with friends and family, no matter which country of the world! Ususmango bets with Khalid Bounouar that he can't talk about anything else for 30 seconds. But how, when the subject of family and friends abroad plays such a big role in their lives? If Khalid Bounouar succeeds, you can see in their new exclusive sketch for Ortel Connect.

The two comedians have known each other from the stand-up comedy ensemble RebellComedy, which Ususmango had founded together with Babak Ghassim in Aachen in 2007. Since then the group has been touring the country and making whole arenas laugh about their jokes. In 2020 their new tour "DNA" is starting, which the comedians bridge the gap between their origins and today's homeland in. If you wish to join us, you can buy the tickets for the “DNA” tour here.

Now have a look at the new sketch for Ortel Connect and find out which of the two RebellComedys Comedian wins the bet!