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Nachhaltigkeit Ortel Mobile

Sustainability in the company: A major concern for Ortel Mobile

The prepaid phone credit supplier Ortel Mobile supports the principle of sustainability in the production of its SIM packaging and advertising materials. For this reason, the company has scrutinised its own products and implemented several measures that will help protect the environment and the climate.

Ortel Mobile wants to produce less plastic waste. An important step towards this is the redesign of the SIM card holder: the new shape, known as the “half SIM”, is only half the size of the former bankcard format. As a result, the company will be able to halve its plastic usage for SIM cards and save several tonnes of plastic in the long term. The packaging used for SIM packs will gradually be changed to envelopes made from 100 percent recycled paper.


Sustainable advertising materials
The prepaid brand is also moving towards the use of more sustainable materials for its advertising and promotional materials. In future, all posters and flyers will be made from paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. We will use environmentally friendly alternatives such as compostable coffee cups made of bio-plastics, pens made of bio-based plastics and writing pads made of recycled paper.


Conservation is important to us

Ortel Mobile is championing the preservation of the bee by supporting the bee project called “”. Bees are essential for the pollination of many crop plants. We have already reported on the bees and their development many times . The project involves the establishment and operation of two separate bee colonies including a living wild meadow. In this way, the global communication experts are making a small yet important contribution towards the preservation of the bee. In our video, you can review the year with once again.  



Tip 2: Switch to green electricity

Green electricity reduces your carbon footprint. Furthermore, you can also save money because green electricity is often cheaper in comparison with standard suppliers. You need to be careful though: not all green electricity suppliers are the same. It is important that you choose a supplier with the “Grüner Strom”  or “ok Power” label. Only these labels guarantee that your electricity comes from 100 percent renewable energy sources. However, you can also do things such as turn off your television instead of leaving it on standby to save electricity.


Tip 3: Take public transport

Taking the bus or train is lot more environmentally friendly than taking the car. Furthermore, the train is one of the safest ways to travel according to the German Federal Environment Agency. It reports on its website that the risk of being injured in an accident is 38 times higher in the car than on the train. Another useful thing about the bus and the train is that you can use the time to read a book, get some sleep or surf the Internet. You can easily cover short distances by walking or riding a bicycle. They are not only environmentally friendly forms of transport but are also good for your health. 

Tip 4: Buy regional and seasonal foods

Regional products needn’t be expensive. Your weekly market offers affordable fruit and vegetables from your region as well as many products from local farmers. Moreover, your contribution will help to support the farming industry. It’s worth comparing individual market stalls with one another. Buying seasonal produce also makes sense. Much less energy is used because cold storage is not required and produce is not transported over long distances. You can read about what a sustainable shopping basket looks like here.

Tip 5: Try using sustainable mobile phones

Have you ever heard of sustainable mobile phones? We’d like to introduce two models to you which help protect the environment. Greenpeace recommends the “Fairphone”. Only recycled materials are used to make it. The Fairphone 2 has lots of individual components which can be reused. In the video you can see how the Fairphone 2’s casing is used to make furniture. The German company “Shift” offers another sustainable mobile phone model. As the video shows, you can repair and upgrade your smartphone yourself. The retail price of 444 euros (SHIFT5me) or 555 euros (SHIFT6m) also includes an “environmental deposit” of 22 euros. You get the deposit back when you send your smartphone back in at some point to have it recycled.


You can of course find many other tips on how to live sustainably online. There are lots of websites such as  which provide practical information and background knowledge. Have fun browsing!